Navy Flight Demonstration Team
1950 Season

Although the 1950 Season had begun, the team was activated for Fleet duty on
20 July 1950, where they formed the nucleus of VF 191, dubbed "Satan's Kittens"
They flew sorties over Korea until well into the next year. On one such mission,
LCDR Johnny Magda, the former "Boss" of the 1950 Blue Angels team was killed.
6-Man Blues standing next to Blue Angels Panther #1.

L-R: Lt. Ray Hawkins, Lt. Ralph Hanks, Lt. (jg) Fitz Roth, Lt. Jake Robcke, Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Magda, Lt. George Hoskins.
Pilots next to F9F-5 Panther.

L-R: Lt. Ralph Hanks, Lt. (jg) Fitz Roth, Lt. Jake Robke, Lt. George Hoskins, Lt. Cmdr. A.R. "Hawk" Hawkins, Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Magda - kneeling.
Pilots in front of an F9F-5 Panther.

L-R: Lt Bob Longworth, #5; Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Magda, #1; Lt. Jake Robcke, #4; Lt. (jg) Fritz Roth, #3; Lt. Cmdr. A.R. "Hawk" Hawkins,#6; Lt. George Hoskins, #2
Shortly before deploying to Korea, NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, 18 June 1950.

L-R: Lt. George Hoskins, Lt. Pat Murphy, Lt. Jake Robke, Lt. Cmdr. Ray Hawkins, Lt.(jg) Fitz Roth, Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Magda.
Enlisted road Crew Photo taken at NAS Whiting Field, March 22, 1950
Pilots and Crew
Name Rank/Rate Duties Name Rank/Rate Duties
Johnny Magda LCDR #1 Team Boss Bob Belt LT T/D
George Hoskins LT #2 Right Wing Walter Coe ADC Engine Mechanic
Fritz Roth LTjg #3 Left Wing Thomas Kelly ADC Engine Mechanic
Jake Robcke LT #4 Slot Fred Sleight ADC Engine Mechanic
Bob Longworth LT #5 Lead Solo Frank Allen AD1 Engine Mechanic
Ray Hawkins LCDR #6 Opposing Solo D. R. Miller AD1 Engine Mechanic
Dusty Rhodes LCDR T/D Byron Walton AD1 Engine Mechanic
Frank Graham LCDR T/D Henry Hodgins AD2 Engine Mechanic
Ralph Hanks LT T/D Anthony Le-Barbera AD3 Engine Mechanic
Ed Oliphant LT T/D Roland Landry ATAN Electronics Tech

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